Copyright (c) 2019, Huxelerate S.r.l. All rights reserved.

namespace hugenomic
class invalid_fpga_configuration : public invalid_argument
#include <exception.hpp>

Thrown when a method of a HUGenomic core is called on a FPGA that has not been configured for that core.

Public Functions

invalid_fpga_configuration(std::string const &s)
class invalid_fpga_identifier : public invalid_argument
#include <exception.hpp>

Thrown when an invalid FPGA identifier is specified.

Public Functions

invalid_fpga_identifier(std::string const &s)
invalid_fpga_identifier(int fpga_id)
class invalid_worker_identifier : public invalid_argument
#include <exception.hpp>

Thrown when an invalid worker identifier is specified for a HUGenomic core.

Public Functions

invalid_worker_identifier(std::string const &s)