Supported Architectures & Tools Limitations

Supported Architectures

Here there is a list of architecture currently supported for profiling:

  • GPU: Nvidia Tesla V100 (available on AWS as a p3.2xlarge instance)

  • FPGA: Xilinx VU9P (available on AWS as a f1.2xlarge instance)

  • CPU: AMD Epyc 7r32 (available on AWS as a f5a.24xlarge instance)

Do you want to request a new architecture for profiling? Contact us here

Known Limitations

We are continuously updating Huxelerate Performance Estimator, however, there may be bugs and limitations that we have never experienced. Here’s a list of the ones we know:

  • The tool is not thread safe, make sure to use a single thread while profiling your application

  • The tool is able to profile the source code that is compiled to LLVM IR and processed by the hux-roofline-instrument command. For this reason, external static and dynamic libraries will not be instrumented and profiled except for basic functions from the C/C++ standard math library. When compiling your application warning will be issued if one or more non-profiled functions are detected.

  • The tool currently does not support profiling of C++ code that makes use of exceptions. To profile C++ code, make sure to compile it using the -fno-exceptions compiler flag. Profiling of C++ code with exceptions might result in empty or incorrect performance reports.

Did you experience an issue and you want to report it? Thanks! Please send us an email to with all the details and the error provided by the tool.